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(440) A1 Poster Advertising in Galleries


100,000 - 1,000,000

Business 2 Consumers (B2C) Specific


Size: A1 Portrait 840mm (High) x 594mm (Wide)

When deciding where to advertise, please consider our 'effective and affordable' poster sites in your local Shopping Centre for these three reasons;-
We have ‘proof’ that our media works
You will spend less money reaching more people because our Shopping Centres have massive footfalls (thousands everyday)
We'll give you FREE ‘advice’ on your poster design and concept

Shopping Centres
You can promote your business in some of the busiest Shopping Centres in the U.K. :-
- Over 60 Malls with a combined total of over 12 million shoppers every week
- Regional and local shopping centres from Aberdeen to Southampton
- Located at the heart of local communities
“We have been working with Positive Media Marketing since 2002 and we have built up a good relationship and work well together” Gillian Hayward, Lakeside Shopping Centre

Local, regional and national coverage
Visible seven days a week targeting people in a receptive frame of mind
Limited amount of poster sites allows advertising to breathe

Full colour posters displayed at eye level for maximum impact
A1 (2ft x 3ft) size tamper proof frames with a plastic screen to protect your message
Strategically placed in high dwell/captive areas :-entrance/exits, lifts; toilet lobbies

Social Class: ABC1 60%
Age: 16-44 67%
Gender: Women 67%

Important note
Please ‘compare’ a typical radio campaign reaching ‘less’ people at a cost of £1000 a week
(4 spots a day x 5 days) or a ½ page in your local newspaper £500 a night against the above investment

Installation and re-posts are £75 per venue plus vat as posters can be changed during your campaign. Price includes campaign photographs and a completion pack.

Production - Prints are £15 each plus vat (or you can supply)

- Size: A1 Portrait 840mm (High) x 594mm (Wide); Safe copy area: 770mm (High) x 524mm (Wide)
- Paper weight: 170gsm (recommended)
- Quantity: Campaign plus spare(s)

Artwork Format: 300 dpi, cmyk in pdf, eps, jpeg or Tiff (Please provide posters without print trim lines)
- Delivery: Positive Media Marketing offices, ten working days before the campaign start date


All advertising spaces are subject to availability

Pricing excludes VAT

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