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(534) Digital Ad Van Hire

1 days

Digital Billboards

100,000 - 1,000,000

B2B and B2C


4.8m x 2.4m

Allow us to introduce the future of advertising. Our digital ad-van is the gold standard for outdoor advertising. The
screen allows you to promote, advertise and turn heads in the location of your choice. The screen features advance
technology unlike anything else on the market.

Our fantastic advertising tool offers more opportunities to grab attention than just about any other means.

Our screen can feature any slideshow, advertisement or video content and has full sound capabilities which
will really get your brand noticed on the busy streets of any town or city.

Our Digital Advertising Screen screams with colour and sound, gaining maximum attention wherever it goes.

We tailor a package to suit your requirements so wherever you want the screen to go, you take your message direct to your target market.

• Full sound and video capabilities
• Multiple messages and promotions
•Target your audience
• Eye catching, versatile and portable
• Sound catches attention on busy streets
• Screen can raise 2 metres
• Unlimited content
• Very cost effective
• Great for advertising product or service
• Great for store opening or product launches
• Production cost savings

Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week – Source: Route
OOH is different from other media platforms, it cannot be avoided or blocked and as more people spend more time out and about its audiences are increasing. You just can’t help noticing our GoGo Vision Van!

94% of consumers remember Digital Billboards and only 43% recall Static Billboards
– Source: The Product Acceptance and Research Institute

As potential customers spend more time oudoors they are more exposed to digital marketing. Studies show they are in an active mind-set, meaning more likely to engage and absorb advertisement messages. They often take a snap of the GoGo Vision van, search and share your message instantly.

GoGo Visions 5 Point Full Money Back Guarantee.
• We Guarantee your message will be seen by your target market
• We Guarantee your message will be live at a minimum every 90 seconds
• We Guarantee your message will be live within 24 hours
• We Guarantee exclusivity by business category for all our advertisers. When you advertise with GoGo Vision you lock out
your competition
• We Guarantee complete peace of mind as you can monitor our location at all times with our online GPS tracker system

Smart High Impact Video And Audio Advertising
Outdoor mobile video advertising is the most cost-effective and innovative way to advertise you message. This media platform allows your company to attain exceptional audience attention from your target market with video, still images, motion graphics and full state of the art audio capabilities which really capture attention.

Highly Cost Effective and Superb Value
Compared to other advertising mediums such as newspapers, billboards, TV and radio there is no bigger or eye-catching way to ensure your message is seen by your audience from £49 per day with flexible start and end dates. There are no posters required so straight away you save hundreds of pounds on the cost of printing.

Greater Return On Investment With Multiple Messages
Advertise multiple products, services and events for the same price with unlimited content. With GoGo Vision one of the biggest advantages is the ability to advertise and promote multiple messages on our digital screen, whether that’s various events, branches or promotions.

GoGo Vision Will Literally Drive Your Message Direct To Your Target Market
We help you target specific groups and demographics by offering time sensitive and location specific opportunities, with a truly amazing selection of high footfall, main road and motorway locations. There is no better way to demand your audience’s attention.

GoGo Vision Drives Ultimate Creativity
Our digital billboard offers unavoidable impact and memorability, offering advertisers and agencies massive creative opportunities to engage and interact with an even more defined audience – let your imagination run wild.

Complete Peace Of Mind And Transparency
Our digital ad-van is tracked 24/7 with our online GPS tracker system. You will be given your own online login details which allows you to monitor and pinpoint your campaign at all times. You will be updated with photos of your campaign in different locations to use on your social media platforms to drive even more engagement.

Digital Ad Van Hire (rate per day)
1 - 3 days - £795
4 - 7 days - £695
8 + days - £645

• Rates are all-inclusive of expenses. 1 day = 8 hours
• All campaigns can be tailored to suit client needs, times and locations
• Additional hours £80 per hour. Campaign is fully tracked by GPS tracker
• We can assist with screen content creation


All advertising spaces are subject to availability

Pricing excludes VAT

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