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(497) Leeds City Center (392sqm)

Premier panel

More than 1,000,000

Business 2 Consumers (B2C) Specific


37m wide x 10.2m high, Visibility 125 meters

Impacts 1.1million per 14 days

Maximise your location

Located in the heart of Leeds, this hugely impactful site
offers a unique and desirable location covering many key

The site is positioned at the key junction of Duke Street and
York Street and near the A64M.

The location is a well-frequented pedestrian gathering area
and thoroughfare giving great visibility to those both
dwelling in the vicinity and passing by.

Being positioned almost at the bend of the road makes this
site almost head-on for approximately 125 meters to the
significantly high volumes of slow moving traffic coming
from A61 on both ways, all of which comes to rest at a traffic
light approximately 20 meters in front of the site, giving
exceptionally long dwell times.

The sheer scale of the site makes this a can’t miss banner!

Behind the scenes
“Munro House now offers unique workspace in the centre of
Leeds for creative people. Munro House currently hosts more
than 40 brilliant businesses and individuals including
designers, developers, music promoters and multi-media

Munro House dates back to the 1930’s. Now at the centre of
what the BBC has called “modern Leeds’ Cultural Centre”, an
area now home to BBC Yorkshire, Leeds College of Music,
Northern Ballet, Yorkshire Dance and The Wardrobe. It is
also known as the ‘Arts Quarter’.

After London, Leeds is the largest legal centre in the UK, and
in 2011 its financial and insurance services industry was
worth £2.1 billion, the 5th largest in the UK, with over 30
national and international banks located in the city.


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